Tech Invention vs. On The Ground Implementation Startups

Another concise model I got through Sachin, who I first met two weeks ago, about entrepreneuship:

There are basically two approaches to do a startup.

Top-down: Invent something and build a business around it. (e.g. the "Google model", develop an exceptional search algorithm and start a search engine company)

Bottom-up: Research on the ground, understand a problem well and then build a solution for it.

There is surely need for both kinds of ventures, top-down leaps to technological advancement as well as solutions designed up from a specific problem. But be succesfull it probably helps to know what kind of personality you yourself are and which route you want to follow.

After that, its three steps to get going:

  1. Identify a/the problem
  2. Find a good team
  3. Get the money to fund it