Starting into ICT4D

I will probably get my first job after finishing my M.Sc. of Computer Science in about two years. At that time I will be around 27 years old. Let's assume circumstances will stay similar for the next 50 years (however unlikely that may be). That means in Germany I will be working until I am 67, 40 years of my life. With an annual 250 working days of 8 hours that makes an impressive 80,000 hours spent working on some job.

I think that is way too much time to spend it just for the benefit of some multinational corporations. On the other hand it could be enough time to solve some problems that really matter.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunities information technologies open up everywhere. And after having lived a year in Kolkata as well as working with NGOs in India and Germany I am looking for ways to make these worlds meet - the new possibilities of technology and the causes to care for in international development.

The term "ICT4D" (Information and Communication Technology for Development) was termed for this field. Some innovative startups are exploring the ideas in practice. Maybe you have heard of Ushahidi helping citizens to track post election riotsM-Pesa creating a mobile banking system or similar organizations. Considering ICT4D an exciting field that I might want to work in or start a new project around I will use this blog to collect more insights. Recording the ideas of people involved in ICT4D whom I meet; Collecting links and resources; Trying to make sense of it all for.